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Launch Celebration

Launch Celebration for THE EDISON EFFECT!


On September 27 , 2014 come celebrate the launch of the 4th Professor Bradshaw Mystery at an historic location in the book – the Jacobsen Observatory on the campus of the University of Washington! Weather permitting, the dome will be open to view the stars through the antique telescope. Light refreshments provided. Books available on-site courtesy of the University Book Store. UWB is an Indie bookstore that existed in Bradshaw’s time! FOR DETAILS, please see the Professor Bradshaw Mysteries Facebook Event Page. 6-8:30pm

**A featured real character in the book is Joseph M. Taylor, the UW’s first Math Professor and first Director of the Observatory. Taylor also had the honor of laying the cornerstone to the Administration Building (Denny Hall.) A few of Taylor’s descendants will be attending the event!**

When Thomas Alva Edison asks for information, most feel compelled to give it. Not UW Professor Benjamin Bradshaw. Not when the question concerns a device conceived in anger and harnessed for murder. Bradshaw hopes that mysterious invention remains lost in Elliott Bay, eluding the search of deep-sea divers. But when on a cold December morning in 1903 an electrician is found dead in the Men’s Wear window of Seattle’s Bon Marché clutching a festoon of Edison’s holiday lights, Bradshaw suspects a dangerous game has been set in motion. Greed, passion, silence? Motives multiply as the dead man’s secrets come to light. Bradshaw and his investigative partner Henry Pratt join Seattle Police Detective O’Brien to narrow suspects, but Bradshaw’s intuition fails him. His heart is elsewhere, his attention distracted by the dilemma of loving a woman he cannot marry without defying his faith. With Christmas fast approaching, the pressure mounts, as does Bradshaw’s dread that this will be his first unsolved case. With no other option, he does the unthinkable, and prepares to face his greatest fears. Whatever the outcome, there will be no going back.