My other writing . . .

For many years now, I’ve been deeply concerned about the way most media outlets dispense the news in regards to vaccination. The same sound bites are circulated and repeated, and no real investigation seems to be done to verify the facts, or to interpret the facts. Often sensational and alarming headlines are not backed up by facts within the articles, or conclusions drawn have no basis in the facts presented. This is due in large part to the consolidation of media outlets which rely heavily upon the revenue of pharmaceutical sponsors.

Democracy cannot survive when the news is not the news, but is instead marketing disguised as public health messaging. Individuals cannot make informed decisions without real information. In such times, it is up to individuals and independent organizations to step up and speak out.

I drafted the outline of the 5th Professor Bradshaw mystery a few years ago, and one day, I will return to it. But at this moment, my days are filled with writing for Informed Choice WA, researching the science, politics, and business of vaccines, and educating the public, public health officials, and legislators on the inconvenient but critical science of vaccine failure, limitations, and risks.

I have learned that there is no separation of the Pharmaceutical Industry and Government when it comes to vaccination. In fact, it has become so egregious that in every single state and territory in the United States, the head of the immunization program belongs to AIM, the Association of Immunization Managers, ¬†which is a collaboration between state health departments and vaccine manufacturers. To see an example of what I’ve learned, and what I am doing to work toward change to protect the public, and protect individuals susceptible to vaccine injury, please visit Informed Choice WA.¬†