Citizen Journalist News

For many years now, I’ve been deeply concerned about the way most media outlets dispense the news. The same sound bites are circulated and repeated, and no real investigation seems to be done to verify the facts, or to interpret the facts. Often sensational and alarming headlines are not backed up by facts within the articles, or conclusions drawn have no basis in the facts presented. Democracy cannot survive when the news is not the news. Individuals cannot make informed decisions without real information. For that reason, I have decided to take a more active role in democracy and become a citizen journalist. I don’t yet know all that will entail, but my goal will be to help provide facts in a clear and concise manner, without sensationalism. Although an amateur, I will strive to abide by the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics.

My areas of interest are health and medicine. Topics I will explore include:

Eczema, colic, and reflux in infancy: clues to allergy, sensitivity, immune, and digestive imbalance. New approaches to assessing and addressing these conditions by pediatricians needed to avoid longterm health issues.

The CDC’s public health strategies verses lack of safety studies. Public health guidelines which lack informed consent, especially in regards to the administration of pharmaceuticals to pregnant women.

The allergy epidemic: the history of food allergies, known methods of inducing IgE response via protein and adjuvant administration, lack of disclosure to those receiving injections that possible food allergies could result, and lack of compensation for those who become allergic.